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How to Install a Self Hosted WordPress Website

How to Install a Self Hosted WordPress Website

I am extremely excited to announce that I am doing a multi-part video tutorial series on how you can install WordPress – the self hosted way, for beginners.  In other words, the more difficult way that allows you to learn a hell of a lot in the process. This is going to be an extremely detailed account of what you’ll need to do, from A-Z, to get yourself going with WordPress. I know how tough and overwhelming it can be to get started, so I try to avoid using too much technical jargon so that absolutely anybody can follow along.

Here’s what you’ll need to get started:

  • Web Hosting (ie: GoDaddy / Bluehost / HostGator / etc..)
  • Domain Name (ie: awesomewebsite.com)
  • Some time

If you don’t have the first two of those items yet, don’t worry about it, I go through choosing a web host and picking a domain name.  My tutorial will be using GoDaddy, since that’s who I use for web hosting.  I’m not suggesting that you use them, but it will make everything a bit easier to follow along if you use them for your web hosting as well.

To view the entire series for free, here is the link to YouTube playlist:



Here is the first video that I have prepared, just an introduction.  I hope to help at least one person out with this series!