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Kate D

Kate D

Client Testimonial

“I can’t imagine how my website would look without David… not good. Certainly, not perfect! And it is! David has worked through every little detail with me to get this site just the way I want it. He gave me the freedom to work at my own pace and do what I can myself, but as soon as I felt I was in over my head he was there with a quick and reliable response. I was able to paint the big picture and DIY the big stuff, and then David stepped in and fixed all the finicky details, making my site exactly what I was looking for. He was able to do everything so quickly too. I’d never wait more than a few hours for a response, and often the solution. I have found a lot of cool stuff on Craigslist, but nothing as cool as David ;)”

– Kate D | Kate Duncan – joinery & design | Vancouver, BC | Website

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